Quarantine Starter Kit

This COVID-19 situation has been quite interesting, confusing and fearful. Today marks the 17th day of lockdown in Puerto Rico, that means it's been a little over two weeks of being completely isolated from friends and family, not going to work, and staying at my home without going outside. Although I've been one of those people who is enjoying time at home, I find myself constantly trying to find ways to keep myself entertained and productive. I do have to admit that I miss socializing with others, as life before COVID meant hosting dinners frequently at my home. However, after two long weeks, I think I finally developed a routine that works for me and that is keeping me oriented and focused. I realized that the fear and confusion was because I didn't feel in control of anything. To the contrary it all felt out of control and going downhill.... many of you share these feelings too. So, my focus shifted to what I could really control, and that was: my thoughts, my emotions and my behaviors. 

My therapist self focused on changing behaviors first. So I began working out, meal planning, cleaning my house and making my working space feel comfortable. I started creating a to do list everyday in order to prioritize and stay organized. As I started changing my behaviors, my thoughts and emotions changed as well. I started feeling motivated and empowered. The idea of making a weekly to do list gave me a sense of accomplishment and kept me focused. As my emotions started to shift, my thoughts also changed, and I started to feel good and optimistic. 

So over to the fun part:
Working out at home meant needing a bit of equipment. Staying safe meant investing in more disinfectant or protection products. And, being at home all day meant I needed a new wardrobe. So, one of the things that I've enjoyed a lot lately is online shopping. Prior to COVID, my shopping list was very long and I've taken this time to order everything I needed (past and present). To be honest, retail therapy is also fun therapy. The good thing of being at home is that you're the boss of your own time, so be flexible and treat yourself fairly. Take that wonderful "me time" and do something everyday that makes you feel accomplished, even if it's just a workout. Below, you'll find the links to some of the things I've purchased that have allowed me to feel in control of my day-to-day, although we are living at very uncertain times.

Mrs. Meyers Clean day products to keep everything clean! 
Gym clothes that double up as my outfit of the day!
Loungewear sets in fun prints
Casetify UV Sanitizer tech cleaning case. We clean everything, but lets not forget the products we use most. Plus, 100% of the sales go to a Coronavirus Relief Fund.
Mask covers for protection. Sadly these ones are sold out, but having something to cover your nose and mouth is crucial these days if you're still going out!
Bala hand weights (bangles) and resistance bands for home workout sessions.
Eco-friendly yoga mats for your yoga zoom/live sessions or for working out!

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