Summer Accessories

It's summer and we are excited to try out all the trends out there. Neons, animal print, sunglass chains, raffia everything, seashell bracelets & anklets, the hair clips... you name it, everything is cute & everything is a beach accessory. So I just wanted to share a selection of accessories that I purchased for the summer & have found myself using repeatedly because its surprising convenience. 

So first, let's talk about hair clips and how CONVENIENT they are. The best substitute for ugly bobby pins, I honestly hope this trend stays forever. They are perfect to keep those stray hairs on fleek and after any beach adventure you know those need all the help they can get.

Second, the sunglass chain. I purchased the first one about 10 months ago. It's a gold chain that barely stands out. However, this season is all about big accessories that you can actually see from miles away, thus I purchased my second sunglass chain, a gorgeous multi-colored large chain and statement piece by Carolina Rodríguez

Third, a raffia visor which I believe is a must. The one in the photo is the second visor I've purchased and its from Spicy Colada. It's gorgeous, comfy and convenient and definitely a must for the beach when your priority is to protect your face. Obviously don't forget to also apply SPF, you can never be too safe.

Lastly, bracelets. I've shown here my two current favorites, a Bauble Bar bracelet set in neon colors that looks amazing with everything. It has every color of the rainbow, so it's bound to match with anything you wear, giving it that pop of color we all want in our summer outfits. The other accessory... which if you can't tell, is bracelets... is the seashell bracelet that I also purchased from Spicy Colada. I've already got about four, which look great stacked together. They also come in many colors so you can deviate from the traditional gold and white.

Summer is all about having fun and daring to go on adventures. So why not make it a fashion statement while we're at it, without sacrificing comfort or design. 

Happy Summer!

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