We are on 'Refinery29's Somos'

Honestly, I feel very happy right now! It's a normal work day, but something simple yet cool happened today, I was featured in 'Refinery29 Somos' in their "Latina-Owned Swimwear Brands for the Summer" Instagram feature. And, why is this so special to me? Long story short, I had a lot of failed attempts at hiring a PR firm to represent us. I know that my growth is tied to exposure, yet somehow all PR meetings I've had have promised me the world, yet fail to even send me a quote and contract to get started. I honestly stopped meeting with firms, it was just sad... literally no one was true to their word, and I decided I would continue sharing my work, going to markets, and networking in the hopes of it happening organically. Time has passed and I've been featured in local newspapers, local tv, small local magazines, among others... however, this feature was the first time a non-local channel featured Aragma (besides the article UMass - my undergrad college - did of me), and if that wasn't great enough, it was by 'Refinery 29 Somos', a cross-platform channel created in collaboration with the Latinx staff at Refinery29. This might not be as big as it feels to me, but it is definitely a milestone for Aragma and I just wanted to share it so it can live on forever!

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