Meet Adriana, Designer & Founder

From a young age Adriana always felt her passions were polarized between the rational and the artistic. So, after earning her BA in Psychology, she moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. During her time at Parsons she was offered the opportunity to travel to Italy and learn about sourcing and production of luxury items. Once graduated, she was invited to present her first collection in Puerto Rico, where she shared the runway with some of Puerto Rico's most celebrated designers. Although she decided to continue her studies and become a Clinical Psychology Doctor, her unbridled creativity is channeled through design.

While studying, Adriana kept designing and creating custom evening and bridal gowns, but soon, her motivation to expand her work fueled the desire to focus on a piece of clothing we Puerto Rican's love to use, swimwear. Particularly inspired by a friend, their life in Puerto Rico and travels around the world, Adriana began the journey towards creating one-of-a-kind sustainable swimwear that allows every woman to feel confident and beautiful in a piece of clothing that's too intimate to fail.

Her sustainability journey is deeply rooted in a lifelong curiosity for space. This changed her worldview with regards to the environmental movement and, the simple fact that earth is unique in its ability to support life as we know it; therefore, we must do anything in our power to support its conservation.

Striving to inspire women everywhere with her story, Adriana hopes to be an example of how you can break out of society's boxes and pursue your passions equally.

Adriana is responsible for product development, patternmaking, graphic design, textile design, procurement, overseeing production, among other things.


Meet Naomi, Production

Naomi is our Production Specialist and joined our team on February 2018. Before Aragma, she worked in Public Relations and Advertising and later made a 180 degree career change that led her to work at the Atelier of Ralph & Russo in London. Naomi is passionate about creating and enjoys a full schedule, that's why she has also assisted Aragma with Marketing and Sales. She also values sustainability in all aspects of her life and provides valuable insight and knowledge that has allowed our company to reduce its carbon footprint. We are fortunate to have such a versatile and skilled professional in our team.

Besides her main duties, Naomi has been essential in keeping our business growing and going. She assists with everything from product development to social media content, and is always willing to help in any area by providing valuable feedback that has improved our processes.

When not in the studio, you can find Naomi sewing her heart away, creating face masks and other accessories. Follow her account and stay updated on her new creations: @naomicaceres_

Meet Viviana, Business Development Consultant

Viviana is the most recent addition to the company and Adriana's younger sister. After working in Corporate America for 5 years, she moved back to the island of Puerto Rico to pursue a new professional endeavor, being the director of sales and marketing at a fuel and oil distribution company. As a side hustle, she hosts an amazing podcast called 'Life Whispers' and is Aragma's project nanny... a term we made up to refer to someone that is overseeing and consulting on all of our projects without necessarily being directly involved in their execution. She also has a BS in Marketing Communications from Emerson & an MBA from the University of Miami. I'm lucky enough to get to pick on her brain and implement strategies that push Aragma as a brand forward. 

Meet Evelyn a.k.a Cuchita, Studio Assistant

Evelyn recently became part of the dream team behind Aragma Swim. She is Adriana's first cousin and a very important person in her life. She was actually the first person to teach Adriana how to make a pattern... so we can say she laid down some of the foundations of Adriana's creative passion! Evelyn is incredibly creative and provides assistance with anything that goes on behind the scenes. From order fulfillment to assisting in events, Evelyn sure knows how to do it all. She is also passionate about learning and is getting trained on how to sew swims.