Meet Adriana, Designer & Founder

From a young age I always felt my passions were polarized between the rational and the artistic. So, after earning my BA in Psychology, I moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. During my time at Parsons I was offered the opportunity to travel to Italy and learn about sourcing and production of luxury items. Once graduated, I was invited to present my first collection in Puerto Rico, where I shared the runway with some of Puerto Rico's most celebrated designers. Although I decided to continue my studies and become a Clinical Psychology Doctor, my unbridled creativity is channeled through design.

While studying, I kept designing and creating custom evening and bridal gowns, but soon, my motivation to expand my work fueled the desire to focus on a piece of clothing we Puerto Rican's love to use, swimwear. Particularly inspired by a friend, our life in Puerto Rico and travels around the world, I began the journey towards creating one-of-a-kind sustainable swimwear that allows every woman to feel confident and beautiful in a piece of clothing that's too intimate to fail.

My sustainability journey is deeply rooted in a lifelong curiosity for space. This changed my worldview with regards to the environmental movement and, the simple fact that earth is unique in its ability to support life as we know it; therefore, we must do anything in our power to support its conservation.

Striving to inspire women everywhere with my story, I hope to be an example of how you can break out of society's boxes and pursue your passions equally.


Adriana designs and creates all of Aragma's collections in her studio in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.