Branding: Do's & Don'ts

Hey again ladies! It's been quite some time since I last published an article on our blog and to be honest, I've been writing this post for a while now and thought it was about time I hit publish!! So here it goes!

Branding is the process of building and creating a brand. It's when a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.

When I was studying at Parsons, within my fashion design degree I had to take courses and extensive lessons in photoshop and illustrator, as well as design and marketing courses focused on developing our own personal brand. This granted me a degree of knowledge that later on allowed me to develop my own company's branding and help others develop their own. I would say that the process can take me from a few hours to sometimes weeks. And, involves the consideration of a few things to make sure the idea is different, unique and fulfills its purpose. So let's begin, shall we!

DO: find inspiration and create a mood board of whatever you like. It can go from travels, to colors, to time periods, design styles, nature, etc.

DON'T: grab direct inspiration from other logos, designs, branding or color schemes! Instead get inspired by elements that represent their values as a company and interpret those using your own voice.

DO: choose any name you like that is legible, short and relevant to what you want to convey.

DON'T: forget to check out if it exists in your city/state/country or worldwide. Don't forget to also check for companies within your industry.

DO: A LOT OF BRAND RESEARCH. You should ultimately choose colors and symbols based on what you like, but you have to make sure it can differentiate itself from other brands.

DON'T: implement symbols or colors similar to other brands in your same industry. Make sure people will not get confused when seeing your brand and comparing it to others.

DO: Be clear of your aesthetic and make sure everything you make, post or share stays true to your unique style.

DON'T: try to copy other brands or styles. Be authentic and unique. The beauty of branding lies in your ability to do things differently and be consistent within that.

DO: make sure your branding is aligned to your values as a company. So first define those values. For example, Aragma's values are sustainability, minimalism, transparency, mindfulness, and conservation. And, Aragma's values shine throughout its branding.

DON'T: follow trends. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to. Own and embrace your identity and brand, if something doesn't fit, don't push it.

DO: Ask others for their opinion and get some feedback. For instance, Aragma's initial font was a disaster, no one could read it. Because I wanted to stick with it, I had to redesign each confusing letter to make sure others could understand what it said. After changing things around, I arrived to the logo you all know and love!

DON'T: ignore your brand's story. Make sure that your purpose, what makes your company unique, shines through each of the elements that define your brand.

DO: create a branding guide to allow for consistency across all of your branding. This includes fonts, colors, content, style, tone, and more. The more cohesive and consistent your brand is, the more recognizable you are.

DON'T: wait too long to re-brand. If something is not working, change it up, don't alienate customers by not staying relevant. Always stay current and modernize. 

DO: use color to heighten brand recognition, color is an important factor in identifying your company.

And the bottom line: when in doubt, SIMPLE IS BEST!

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