International Beach Cleanup

On September 21st Naomi and I went to the International Beach Cleanup hosted by Scuba Dogs Society. Although you may already know that we do our best to constantly reduce our waste production, we are always looking for new ways to do more and make an even bigger impact. That's why we joined this noble cause, which takes place worldwide.

Originally, we planned to go to Hollows Beach in Arecibo, but we never found it. However, we did see many people along the coast picking up trash, which led us to a different beach called Caracoles. It was a hidden beach and didn't appear to be frequently visited... as it has an abandoned building blocking the front access. That is, until we put on our gloves, picked up a garbage bag and started moving along the beach. It didn't take much effort to start finding trash.

We found everything.. nasty things, things that definitely don't belong In a beach. Hygiene products, pampers, plastic bottles, beer bottles, capri sun pouches, plastic bags, foam containers, ice bags, plastic cutlery, straws, tooooo many straws, plastic caps, wires, car seats, sleeping cots, car tires, cyclone fence, food wrappers, and much more trash that we could've ever imagined. The amount of garbage was unreal.

A lot of what we found was there because they were brought to the beach to enjoy with friends or family. But these things should return with us in a garbage bag. We need to protect our beaches and keep them free of trash so others can enjoy a healthy and trash-free beach. Nature does its best to keep it hidden, that's why sometimes it seems like there's no trash. But it's there, for a long long time, contaminating our earth, our sand, our water and our environment. We can do more!! Today for us, tomorrow for them!! Let's do more!!! We invite you to be more mindful of what you take to the beach and what you leave with.

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