It's finally here, our second collection 'Forma'

It is without further ado that I can introduce you to our second collection 'Forma'. It has been 8 months in the works, from design + pattern development, to textile designs, fabric production, sample-making, and material sourcing. It has been one crazy ride but it has finally come together and it's ready for you to enjoy! 

This new collection began with the idea of exploring forms in different ways. While looking for inspiration I remembered something I learned in a history of psychology course I took in college... the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. Stemming from that, I stumbled upon how this sequence is found in nature and moreover, how we have applied it in design.

Before going any further, Fibonacci is a sequence where each number is the sum of the two numbers that precede it. The sequence is a specific pattern that appears to be a numbering system to the cosmos as an attempt to explain order in nature. Order in nature is the inspiration behind season two of Aragma and 'Forma' means form in Spanish.

As you will see when exploring our new styles and prints, my first print design is called Fibonacci. In nature this sequence can be seen in symmetries, trees, petals, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tessellations, cracks and stripes; thus, you'll find an interpretation of these throughout our designs. 

As for styles, I wanted to bring back the basics with a little twist. So you'll find many of our best sellers redesigned and with new features that although classic, will make you stand out anywhere you go. 

We were also able to collaborate with an incredibly talented designer, also from Puerto Rico, who made custom visors with our fabrics. They are also for sale through our website and will exalt whichever suit you choose to purchase, specifically our styles in black and azulejo. 

Everything in this new collection was designed by me (Adriana). Textiles were designed using watercolors and digital edits. Fabrics were custom made for Aragma in Italy using regenerated nylon waste that was cleaned up from our oceans and other post-consumer waste. The materials used were also sourced from companies that provide eco-conscious alternatives. I was also able to photograph and edit our 'Forma' campaign, which was definitely a fun challenge.

We invite you to browse this new collection and hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it. Please feel free to write to us via Instagram DM's, our chat app (at the lower right corner of the page) or email us through our contact page should you have any comments or questions!

Thanks again for supporting us so we could make it another year. It means the world to me!

Enjoy! xo

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  • Lorna soto

    Love it!!!! Can’t wait to have one!

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