Student Photographers Shoot Aragma

About a month ago a professor from a local university asked me to collaborate with their commercial photography class students to help them build their portfolio while having the opportunity to work with a real client. The experience was very fun, different and challenging... and I'm always down for all of it. 

I was assigned 4 lovely and talented photographers that went above and beyond to capture the essence of our pieces. One of the students, Isabella Santini, just sent me her work and I wanted to dedicate a post to the photos she took... as they turned out incredible. I was in awe with her creativity, passion & talent. I'm sure she'll do great things within the industry and wish her much success!

Model laying on the beach with a blue and white bikini top and bottom. She is laying in the sand that has been lightly washed with the waves. She is wearing black 70's style sunglasses, has short light brown hair and is resting her head in her arm.

Model is wearing mustard yellow one-piece swimsuit, black 70's style sunglasses and is sitting down in a palm tree with the beach in the back. She is slightly holding the edge of the sunglass with her right hand.


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