Beach Bucket List

Everyone seems to be sharing summer bucket lists and to do lists of adventures and places to visit. I love the beach and some people are always asking me where to go. Thus I've put together a bucket list of beaches for when you need some inspiration.

This list includes a variety of beaches I've visited multiple times. Some of them are closer to the metropolitan area and others are a bit farther, for which you'll have to take a ferry, boat or long car ride to arrive. However, they're all gorgeous and will definitely inspire relaxation and summer vibes.

I'll break down the list per region so it will be easier to navigate:


  1. Ocean Park, San Juan
  2. Posita Piñones, Carolina
  3. Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach, Dorado
  4. Jobos, Isabela
  5. Posita Teodoro, Isabela
  6. Poza las Mujeres, Manatí
  7. Poza del Obispo, Arecibo
  8. Villa Montaña Beach Resort, Isabela


  1. Isla Palomino, Fajardo
  2. Cayo Icacos, Fajardo
  3. Playa Escondida, Fajardo
  4. Isla Culebrita, Culebra
  5. Flamenco, Culebra
  6. Yayi, Vieques
  7. Caracas, Vieques


  1. Las Ruinas, Aguadilla
  2. Crash Boat, Aguadilla
  3. Tamboo, Rincón
  4. Buyé, Cabo Rojo
  5. Playa Sucia, Cabo Rojo
  6. Survival Beach, Aguadilla


  1. Caja de Muerto Natural Reserve, Ponce
  2. Isla Cardona, Ponce
  3. Gilligan's Island, Guánica
  4. Cayo Caracoles at Parguera, Lajas
  5. La Jungla, Guánica
  6. Mojón Tranquilo, Guánica

Hope you enjoy!

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