I'm so excited to share with you guys that we've grown and therefore, decided to move. Although we are staying in the same city and very close to our old space, this new studio is our own, has three rooms and one bathroom, and one of these rooms will be a showroom/store.

So after moving in, I decided I wanted to make a few changes right away, starting with the bathroom. The bathroom was not in ideal condition and it is the only one there, thus, I wanted it to feel inviting, clean, modern, and chic. However, with a low budget, I decided on cheap changes like paint for the walls, new toilet and sink, a black matte faucet was on the pricier side, but since I was able to save so much money on toilet and sink, I decided it was worth it. I also added a little wall shelf and plant for above the sink, a floor mirror (which I've had since 2014), and black matte hooks for the wall.

We still have a few more projects to work on. Next on the list is to finish the showroom/shop, which includes custom building a booth, put on wallpaper and add a few decor accessories. Next, the kitchenette and storage room which I will paint in light and blue hues, add a wood eating/conference table and new Nespresso machine. And lastly, paint one of the walls in our work space and find a cool neon sign to hang on the wall. We already added to our work space a tv and furniture to keep inventory, and a packing station.

Stay tuned for more updates!!






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